Sunday, July 2, 2017

Mastering the Art: Podcasters and the Crochet Community Online

Salutations, Stitchers!
Here are my current WIPS:

Left and center: Dozens of African flower hexagons for an enormous hexagonal blanket. I have about five more to finish before I can begin joining them. Still haven't decided what sort of join I want to use. I learned the african flower from a video on Oana's Crochet Channel entitled Crochet African Flower Square. Oana's square is beautiful, but I had to simplify it to match my skill level. Maybe one day I'll go back to the video and learn her advanced techniques!  
Yarns used: Red Heart Kids in Bikini, RH Shimmer in Purple, RH Super Saver in Bright Yellow, RH Soft Touch in G 15 (it's a neon pink), Caron Simply Soft in Neon Orange, Caron Simply Soft in Blue Mint. I'm using a 5 mm hook.
Right: Waffle stitch blanket in Caron Cakes Rainbow Sprinkles and Lion Brand Wool-Ease Avocado. 5.5 mm hook.

Today I’m thinking about the 2009 movie Julie and Julia in which author Julie Powell begins the Julie/Julia Project, a blog chronicling her yearlong goal of cooking all the recipes in
Mastering the Art of French Cooking by famous chef Julia Child. Over the course of her study, under the written tutelage of Julia Child, Ms Powell becomes an accomplished french cook herself. I feel about so many YouTube crochet podcasters just the way Ms Powell must have felt about Julia Child. I am in awe of their talent and willingness to share their wisdom so that, if I persist, I can one day master the art of crochet. This blog is the chronicle of my progress. I hope the things I learn and share will be of help, or at least entertainment, to you my readers.

One of the first YouTube channels I discovered and continue to learn a great deal from is Crochet Geek by Teresa Richardson. There you will find tutorials and instructions from basic stitches to a wide range of beautiful projects. While Teresa has several channels now, covering a range of topics, I still go back to her stitch and pattern tutorials on Crochet Geek for her clear and easy-to-follow instruction. Teresa is a classic.

The first actual podcast I discovered, with great delight, was The Potter and Bloom Podcast by Emma Potter. She is a UK-based crochet designer and knitter whose technical skill and creative eye make my heart positively thrum within my chest. For me, The Potter and Bloom Podcast is the highlight of every Wednesday. When I grow up I want to be just like Emma!

Many crochet podcasts are linked by friendship and admiration. I discovered Lorraine Pugh’s podcast when Emma mentioned her. Lorraine is another very talented crochet designer whose patterns display a fantastical grace with a captivating dark edge. Her autumnal color choices are the most distinctive feature of her unmistakable work. Her podcast provides a view into her unique creative process and her willingness to share inspires new avenues of creativity in my own crochet.

Just a few more favorites: (in list form or we’ll be here all day!)

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of crochet podcasts is the great variety of styles and personalities evident in each host and their work. Each host’s approach and message is uniquely their own, allowing viewers to develop their own singular interpretation of the art of crochet. Isn’t it wonderful how the joy of our art stitches us all together into a fascinating, warm, encouraging community?

Hook on!